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blueredandblack's Journal

Hello there. I'm a seventeen year old from Tasmania. It is a very, very tiny place near the bottom of the world. My current passions include anime, steampunk, music and English. Fanbrats that can't spell grammar let alone use it correctly make me sad.

I like muffins.

While I like anime and manga, I unfortunately don't have a tonne of access to it. I'm currently working my way through everything that's available to me through the library system, which at least means I have plenty of variety.

I'm in my last year of highscool/college/year twelve. The name changes depending on where you're from, I guess. I have no idea what the American equavelent is. I play baritone saxophone, which is lots of fun and very loud. I'm also a lurker, so if you're looking at this journal out of curiosity you're going to be sorely disappointed.

I also have a tendency to ramble when I write descriptions.